About Me

Most about me pages that I have read always start with “Hi, my name is …” but I figured why go the clique way?

Once upon a time before smartphones and tablets a young girl (me) was born on the 20th December 1993, at a hospital that no longer exists, to a man and woman who so desperatly wanted a second child and they named me Babalwa Konanani Kewana.

As I grew I leart that my family condisted of a total of seven members, my mom and dad, my sister, my brother, my two step brothers and of course me, and I grew to love each and everyone of my siblings.

For the first six years of my life I lived in Guateng, South Africa. Here my family, which then only consisted of my parents, my older brother and sister and I, moved between Johannesburg and Pretoria but we eventually settled down in Vona-Valley (at least that’s what I think), I don’t really remember much from that part of my childhood as I claim to.

Then my family moved to Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, when I was six years old. There is where I first came across the term friendship, although I’m pretty sure I knew what friendship was before this time but you could say that it’s only now that I actually grasped the actual meaning of the word. I was practically friends with everyone in my class, my netball team and my hockey team (yes, I know it’s quite hard to believe that I once played any type of sport but in fact I did) but there were only about three people that I was close friends with throughout my whole primary school life. Unfortunately those friendships were put to the test when we moved from the Western Cape to Limpopo.

The move to Venda,Limpopo brought about a lot of different changes for me.I  went from being the only black person in my class to a class with only blacks. No more beach, no more mall, no more sports. Ok now I think I might be making Venda sound like some deserted part of Limpopo,South Africa, but really it’s not I just didn’t like having to leave all my friends and everyone I knew and start from scratch but I quickly took to the place and well I made the best out of it. After a year of living in Venda my parents decided they were going to move to Polokwane, Limpopo. They however were not sure exactly when but they knew it would happen sometime during 2008 and due to that they didn’t want my little brother and I to be, uhm for lack of a better word, overwhelmed by everything so they shipped us off to boarding school.


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