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Its been a minute…

So I remembered that I wanted to start a blog like two years back and then what happened I stopped writing. I really dont know why, I guess it hit me that, you know what this means, absolutely anybody has access to it and can read what I write and use it any which way they want. So I guess that’s probably why I didn’t even bother myself with it. However, now that I’m older I’ve decided to start writing again and sure I’m not saying that every thought, feeling or encounter I have I’ll put fingers to keyboard but you know once in a while it wouldn’t hurt to just post what I’m feeling. So with that said, I’d like to welcome myself back to the world of blogging. I hope this time I stick with it.


Rendezvous Café

There are many resturants/cafés/places to eat on campus but out of all the five places my favorite has got to be the international resturant. The food not only looks good but it also tastes good good. The price might be bit on the steep side compared to the other places but it truly is worth it. Today I had their brownie, I know, I know I’m not meant to be pigging out on such luxuries but, I couldn’t help myself especially because when I got there the Sushi was finished (but we will leave that for another day). I told myself there is no way I’m going to leave this place without something after I went through all the trouble to stand in such a long tedious line, to get to the till and be told what I want, what I came for if finished. Nope I couldn’t do it so, I got myself a brownie,and if there’s one thing you can be sure of when it comes to Rendezvous brownies is that they are HUGE. Ok, maybe not that big but they aren’t small tiny pikininies either (like most brownies are) they are of a moderate size and two people can gladly share one (if they wanted to), but obviously today Bubbles was not in a sharing mood. Well back to the brownie, it is absolutely one of the best brownies that I have had, and that’s big coming from me seeing as I have had many a brownie in the many years that I have lived, its kind of like its trying to be a cake but it’s not quite there yet, coz it’s too flat, and it’s got just the right consistency of Choclate sweetness and chocolate bitterness. With every bit you take you can just feel it becoming one with you and you becoming one with it, it’s sooooooooo good. Every bit brings on a new sensation and the pecan nuts that have been sprinkled on top allow you to decide wether or not you want to eat them unlike some nutty brownies that you have to dig in the thing for the nuts to take them out and then you realize that you’ve spent most of your money on nuts that your not going to eat instead on the brownie that you actually wanted. I really wish I had the sense before I put it into my mouth to take a picture of it (so I could try and make you jealous),but oh well I hope my “description” makes you jealous enough.